31 Oct 2018

The Set List:

The Set List: October 31-November 13

Happy Halloween! If you’re in the mood for loads of treats and absolutely no trick, check out our list of musical acts coming through the area. From jazz to punk to everything in between, there is something guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat. Upcoming Shows: The Independents With Glenmont Popes October 31 at Dangerously […]

01 Oct 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Ebeling’s Capitol

I have often written of travel guides of Washington, and have tried to find ever earlier attempts to describe the city. I may have come upon the earliest of all. Christoph Daniel Ebeling, born in Germany in 1741, became intrigued by the North American continent while studying theology at Göttingen University. While he thereafter became […]

19 May 2014

Lost Capitol Hill: A Tour of Congressional Cemetery

It’s almost 11:00 on Sunday night, which means that my column for tomorrow should be showing signs of completion by now. Or, at least, some research. Or maybe even a topic. Sadly, none of the above is true right now. It’s been a busy weekend. So, instead, I will tell you about something which will […]

06 Oct 2010

greenHILLhome: Solar Homes Tour

More and more signs are going up on homes around the Hill.  I’m not seeing “for sale” signs, though.  I’m seeing signs from solar panel contractors and new installations of photovoltaic (PV) panels.  It’s very inspiring and gives me hope that solar energy is more attainable than it ever has been.  If you’re interested in […]

05 Oct 2010

Walking Shtick Tours: a New Way to See the Hill!

As part of our long standing scheme to avoid honest labor, Robert Pohl and I are proud to announce our latest venture, Walking Shtick Tours, a Capitol Hill based walking tour company that focuses on examining the nuances of life on the Hill through the ages and has a little fun while doing it. We’ll […]

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