23 Jun 2010

Neighbors: Bonny King-Taylor

I met Bonny King-Taylor in February, when I wrote about her pet coaching business, The Doggy Lama.  During our conversation, she made an off-hand comment about how walking across the U.S. was part of the literal and figurative path that lead her to become a personal coach and counselor.  The comment caught my interest, but […]

26 Apr 2010

Local Business: Studio Juno

Like the American bison that once roamed the plains, the ubiquitous Sears Portrait Studio baby picture is now virtually extinct.  I personally have loads with the cloudy blue background, oftentimes sitting or leaning on a bench of some sort covered in brown shag carpet.  And yes, I have the picture-within-a-picture: me smiling adorably at the […]

24 Mar 2010

Local Business: Wardrobe 180

If you’re an apostle of Tyler Durden, then you know you are not your khakis.  But Jenn Bussell can help you figure out how to make your khakis more you. Bussell, a stylist and marketer by training, owns Wardrobe 180, and helps clients put their best foot forward in any situation with advice on building […]

03 Feb 2010

Local Business: The Doggy Lama

If dogs are man’s best friend, do you sometimes wonder why yours keeps sabotaging the relationship?  The Doggy Lama may be just who you’re looking for if you and Spot are in need of some couples therapy.  Bonny King-Taylor, aka The Doggy Lama, was a psychologist for 10 years before Bartleby, the adorable and well-behaved […]

13 Jan 2010

Local Business: Punk Rock Bride

“What do I wear?”  It’s the eternal question.  When it comes to weddings, the question morphs into obsession. Entire movie plots revolve around the procurement of the perfect dress; diet and workout plans are propagated to make the dress look its best.  But the real role of the dress is not what it is, but […]

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