11 Nov 2013

Halloween Contest Winners: Best Dressed Pets, Drumroll Please…

And, we have our winners for the Third Annual Halloween pet photo contest. Thank you to all the contestants and congratulations to our winners! The Reader’s Choice Award goes to Capitol Hill’s very own bunny, Bernie¬†dressed as a taco. Bernie wins a Metro Mutts gift card. Also, this is our first rabbit to take home […]

04 Nov 2013

Vote for Fido: THIH Halloween Pet Photo Contest

Has the candy coma worn off yet? Good. Now it’s time to vote in our Halloween pet photo contest. This year there were more than 40 entrants (the most we’ve ever had!) but only one can be top dog (or cat, or hamster, or horse). Remember there are two winners — reader’s choice and editor’s […]

09 Oct 2013

Annoucing The Hill is Home 3rd Annual, Halloween Pet Photo Contest

Did you know? Americans plan to spend about $330 million this year on Halloween costumes for their pets. Well, we here at The Hill is Home would like to take credit for a piece of that pie. You see, this is the third year that we are hosting our Halloween pet photo contest. It’s a […]

12 Nov 2012

And the Winner is… The Hill is Home Pet Photo Contest Champions

This year the competition was tough, but ultimately there were only two top dogs for The Hill is Home’s Halloween pet photo contest. Our editors’ pick went to Olive “Your Friendly Fragers’ Clerk.”¬†With the Fragers’ uniform, paint pouch and brush, this dog seems ready to help take on your latest home improvement project. And the […]

06 Nov 2012

Special Election: Halloween Pet Costume Contest

By this point, the candy binge should have worn off, so don’t forget to vote in our Halloween pet photo contest. And, since it’s Election Day, why not exercise your democratic right one more time? This year there were 25 entrants, but only one can be top dog (or cat). The winner of the Readers’ […]

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