19 Mar 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Experimental Model Basin

In writing about the Wind Tunnel at the Washington Navy Yard over the past few weeks, I have made passing mention of the Experimental Model Basin, which preceded the wind tunnel by a few years. A few words about that installation today. The late 19th century brought a revolution to engineering, with ever more scientific principles […]

05 Mar 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Navy Yard’s Wind Tunnel

Last week while researching tunnels, I chanced upon another tunnel here on the Hill. It’s not quite the same as those connecting the various Capitol Hill buildings, but one that came in handy in creating a new generation of Navy airplanes after the First World War: A wind tunnel. Aviation was still a new technology […]

05 Feb 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: The Washington Monument Cornerstone

Readers of my posts will remember that the workers at the Navy Yard are not always focused on just Navy work, but occasionally stray into other fields of endeavor. One of those relates to one of Washington’s most iconic monuments. On June 6, 1848, the work on the foundation of the Washington Monument had proceeded […]

31 Aug 2017


First Bite: District Winery

The much-anticipated opening of District Winery is here and I could not be more excited. I love wine and I love good food, but I love them best together and within walking distance of my home. I did not have reservations at Ana, the restaurant inside District Winery, but decided to try my luck on opening […]

17 Jul 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: The Decline and Fall of Pipetown

Over the past few weeks we have looked at Pipetown and the decline and fall of Pipetown resident William Steele. His life mirrored the changes that were sweeping through the neighborhood. The first major change was the laying of the Baltimore and Potomac Rail Road lines through the area, effectively cutting off Pipetown from the […]

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