19 Apr 2013

Got Plantable Space?

The District has made some strides lately towards becoming a greener, healthier place to live. The Mayor’s recently-released Sustainable DC Plan has set some goals, but we know how difficult it will be to attain these… without your help. We’ve done a lot of work in Capitol Hill and Ward 6 over the years. Spanning […]

20 Mar 2013

Be Green While You Spring Clean

It turns out there’s good reason behind the old “in like a lion, out like a lamb” saying about March. So far this month, we’ve seen temps near 60 and on the opposite end, 30 degrees and freezing windchills. But you can be sure our dear friend Spring is just around the corner — and […]

27 Oct 2011

Does a Green House = More Green?

Guest contributor Jessica Wilkie is a Hill resident and Realtor with DCRealEstate.com. This post also appeared on her blog, Wilkie on the Hill. DC is a progressive city, and as a general rule, “going green” pays off in our local real estate market. Even in a hard-hit economy, when people are spending less, the benefits […]

13 Apr 2011

greenHILLhome – A Green Roof, 3 Years Later

A green roof system is green both because it’s planted with all sorts of vegetation and because it harbors many environmental benefits.  The soil or other growing medium insulates the roof, slowing the loss of conditioned air from inside the home to the outside.  It also absorbs the sun’s heat, keeping the inside space underneath […]

22 Mar 2011

greenHILLhome: Hill Center to be Greener

There’s been much discussion on THIH about the Hill Center—the reincarnation of the historic Naval Hospital on Pennsylvania Avenue SE.  The facility is scheduled to reopen in 2011 after a major renovation and restoration that included modernization of building systems and “greening” the building through design and construction.  Designed by DC firm Bell Architects, the […]

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