18 Dec 2018

Sponsored Post:

Groundbreaking Partnership for D.C.’s Trees

The following is a sponsored post by Casey Trees, a DC-based non-profit that is committed to restoring and enhancing the urban tree canopy. Thanks to them, the District trees –and us– are much healthier. Thank you to Casey Trees for supporting The Hill is Home. In the summer of 2015, Gallaudet University’s campus lost twelve […]

12 Dec 2018


Bring Open Captions to the Movies Already!

When English is not your first language –and it isn’t for me, despite having lived immersed in the language for longer than I lived in my primary language– you are bound to miss some dialogue when you’re at the movies. The English language is downright devilish to understand sometimes; add in dialectical differences and two […]

22 Sep 2015


Hill Buzz

Washington Business Journal noted that there could be an opportunity for new private development on Barracks Row when the Marines move their bachelor quarters. District Source explains how Gallaudet wants its planed 6th Street NE entrance to bridge hearing and non-hearing worlds. Washington City Paper reported that Mayor Bowser thinks the streetcar could be running by […]

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