24 Jun 2015


TONIGHT: Anacostia River Open House with DDOE

The Anacostia River is well on its way to being a remarkable success story for how we interact with our urban rivers, but much remains to be done. The District Department of the Environment is hosting a series of community meetings highlighting what still needs to be done, as well as what we can do […]

13 Jul 2011

greenHILLhome: Last Call for Energy Star Rebates

The DC Department of the Environment is literally giving money away, but you only have another month or so to claim your share.  If you’ve purchased an Energy Star-rated home appliance to replace an existing appliance between October 25, 2010 and August 15, 2011 you can receive a rebate between $50 and $600 from the DDOE.  We […]

16 Feb 2011

greenHILLhome: The Solar Saga Continues

Support for solar energy may be eclipsed in the District.  In the last greenHILLhome update on solar energy in the District, I reported on the status of funding for residential solar projects and how the rebates were in jeopardy due to DC budget cuts and reapportioning of money.  Thanks to the work of the Capitol […]

25 Oct 2010

greenHILLhome: DC Offers Rebates for Energy Star Today!

If you were planning on replacing that water heater before winter sets in, or perhaps you’ve been procrastinating about replacing an old dishwasher, now is a great time to spring into action.  The DC  Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program officially starts today, October 25 and will run until the funding is exhausted.  That means the […]

22 Apr 2010

GREENhillHOME: Are you RiverSmart Smart?

Happy Earth Day!  It’s the hope of this writer and blog that you take a moment today to recommit yourself to all the ecologically-minded things you do as well as consider taking some additional steps to reduce your impact on the environment.  Got recycling under control?  Using cloth bags instead of plastic, saving your nickels […]

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