01 May 2013

Hill's Eye View: Bike to School Day Coming Up May 8th

Bikes seem to be mating on the Hill and the obvious outcome is kids on bikes. Keep your eyes out for these tykes next Wednesday on Bike to School Day. Safely snap a few shots and share them on our Flickr group.

01 Oct 2012

Hill's Eye View: The Ubiquitous Red Bikes

Nothing like a nice day to bring out the red bikes. Hope you enjoyed the lovely weekend. Post your pictures to our flickr group.  

04 Oct 2011

Slow Down, Maryland Drivers: Tomorrow is Walk to School Day

Tomorrow is International Walk to School Day, or, as we call it on the Hill, Wednesday. I mean, really, how is this different from any other day for us? Well, we can have a little party, that’s how. Tomorrow morning, students (and presumably some of their parents) from twelve Hill schools will gather at Lincoln […]

20 Sep 2011

Mr. Wells, Tear Down this Bike Station!

Today marks the one year anniversary of Capitol Bikeshare, the nation’s largest public bike sharing system (at least until those laggards up in New York finally catch up). Which means it’s been a bit under a year that residents of Lincoln Park have had to suffer the cruel indignity of having 15 bikes foisted upon them. No longer […]

15 Jun 2011

How to Keep Your Bike

It’s that time of year—though isn’t it always?—when listservs are overwhelmed with pleas from Hill residents desperate to get back their beloved bikes back, bikes that have been stolen from front yards and back yards, garages and porches, store fronts and bike racks. Some bikes are locked to garden gates, while others are left unattended and […]

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