24 Mar 2017

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#BARMADNESS17: Cinderella Stories

Another round down, another round to go, shortly. But first, results! We love to see those paragons of, ahem, “drinking establishment” awesomeness rise to the top: Dire is the fate of the establishment that has a license to sell alcohol and spirits who has to go up against the Tune Inn. In true fashion, the […]

22 Mar 2017

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Bar Madness 17: HOLY COW!

Here at The Hill is Home we would like to apologize in advance to Duke basketball fans, because this year’s team is going to serve us well as a simile for shocking upsets. In case making sure Duke loses following the actual March Madness tournament is not your jam, you should know that in a […]

17 Mar 2017

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Bar Madness Round One Is On!

How about if it's like YOUR ROUND OF 64 IS FINALLY HERE! ? #BarMadness17

12 Mar 2017

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Bar Madness 2017: NOMINATION ROUND!

Bar Madness is back! We’re changing things up again this year. Having two brackets last year was… well, way too much. Capitol Hill has a LOT of bars so this year we are starting with a nomination round. Using the form below, please select your ten favorite bars. The bars with the most nominations will […]

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