15 Nov 2011

Monday Morning Circle Time (On Tuesday!)

photo courtesy of ktmadeblog

Ouch. My feet are killing me. A night running around the Atlas in heels will do that. I’ve never gotten the hang of heels and at my advanced age I’m wondering if I should just stop trying?  So the Hilly’s kept me busy and  I missed a good part of this beautiful weekend. I will need to live vicariously through you dear readers. The weather was gorgeous. The Redskins lost– again. I’m anticipating the annual “I give up.” by my significant other will come any day now.  H Street was host to lots of people in fancy duds last night for both the Hilly Awards and the Tweed Ride after party at Smith Commons. Did you make it to either event?

Maria babysat photobooks at the Corcoran; talked to some interesting folks at Occupy DC; watched a whole lot of movies; was grateful for Advil; watched Notre Dame kick Maryland’s butt; watched her kids kick her own butt; and had yet another surreal weekend overall.

Jen spent a quiet Friday at home in preparation for a busy weekend. Celebrated the end of soccer season Saturday morning and and the 40th birthday of a friend that evening, all on Barracks Row. Sunday was spent getting ready for which once again required me to wear a head set. Great event although we could have used a few more hands during clean up. Ahem. I also wore sequins for the first time and it was such fun I doubt it will be my last.

This weekend Kyra and her family headed to Canoe Creek State Park in Pennsylvania, where we discovered that tick season starts in October, and where we agreed, for the first time, that the world does not revolve around Penn State football. We returned to the city, tick free, on Sunday, so I could catch up on my house chores and take a nice, long running tour of Capitol Hill at dusk.


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