07 Mar 2011

And the Oscar Goes To …

A few weeks ago, the Capitol Riverfront BID asked you to choose the theme for their summer movie series.  The voting was neck and neck with Summer Movies having a slight edge near the finish, but the people have spoken and the winning theme is the Academy Awards.  Now is your chance to speak up about exactly what movies you’d like to see during the 10 week, Thursday night series starting May 26th on Tingey Plaza.  They’ve released their latest survey, allowing you to rank your top ten favorite Oscar winners from the list of 51 movies.

I was, frankly, surprised at just how many of the top movies of all time that I hadn’t seen.  My personal #1 went, without hesitation, to Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Dirty Dancing and Bourne Ultimatum also earned a spot on my list, but I think I balanced them out nicely with Casablanca (which I always find myself watching when it’s showing at Ted’s Bulletin) and Life is Beautiful.

Who will you be voting for?

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