12 Nov 2010

Beer Garden to Come to Near Southeast

uploaded by Michael Spencer on Flickr

Coming soon is Bavarian Beer Garden at 720 L Street SE. This will be a great addition to down south and will give the neighborhood another option other than Biergarten Haus on 1355 H St NE. I spoke with Mark Brody who is the new tavern business owner about the feel of this place and he shared that it will be an upscale enclosed beer garden that is reminiscent of Europe.   The location is less than a block from the Circulator stop off of 8th Street SE And L Street SE and less than a half of mile from Eastern Market metro station.   The license is pending approval but here are some details listed on the liquor license application to keep you enthusiastic until late Spring/early Summer when it opens:

“New tavern, beer garden with European/American Food. Number of seats 99, summer garden 200 seats, total occupancy load is 399.”

More information to come so stay tune!

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  • bossman

    Already excited for summer 2011. Walk here, and then on to a Nats game!

  • rg

    Sounds like fun and an excellent addition to the neighborhood. Therefore, I fully expect that at least a few people (and perhaps a lot of people) will oppose it. It will take away parking! It will draw people to a commercial district! And what about parking! Parking! Parking! Parking…………….

  • HillResident

    ANC opposition…COMMENCE! The crowds! The noise!! The !!!

  • bossman

    While I know some in that area tend to complain no matter what, that area (between the freeway and M Street SE) is rather deserted, especially after 5pm and on weekends. I don’t even think there are any residences over there anymore, just a couple of lunch spots, a barber shop and maybe some small offices and an auto shop. There’s usually ample street parking, mainly because it feels deserted and people don’t feel safe leaving their vehicles there 🙂

  • Mike

    Question is between the old apartment building and the land recently purchased by Ebenezer where is this enclosed beer garden gonna be? Not much room for the occupancy they are projecting – just saying. Or are buildings coming down?

  • Mitch Carmichael

    On WHAT planet are these two “biergarten’s” in the same neighborhood?!? Please check your facts next time before you write anything ever again….

  • @Mitch, both areas are in the larger Capitol Hill neighborhood.

  • Nick

    @ Mitch – Thanks for helping ensure that every comment thread on the internet has at least one vitriolic post.

  • Anon

    @Mitch If you live near E Cap St or Lincoln Park, you go 8 blocks north to Biergarten Haus or in the future, can choose to go 10 blocks south to this new beer garden.
    Are you really that insular?

  • This place is south of the SE Freeway in an area that isn’t exactly dense residential. The only problem I see is that it’s across the street from a charter school.

  • potomac ave resident

    Every school should have a beer garden across the street. What parent doesn’t need a drink before picking their kids up?

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