06 Nov

To Do:

To Do List for the Weekend of November 6-9 2014

My first To Do for the fancy new site! I’m sure the events will be just as fancy… Tonight learn how the sausage is made. This is not a euphemism for the activities of our Congressional neighbors but actual sausage making. If the siren song of meat is not enough to entice you there is […]

30 Oct

To Do:

To Do List for the Weekend of 10/31

Halloween is happening on a Friday. I think we can all agree that Friday is the perfect day for it. Kids are in school all day so they can torment their teachers with their anticipation but the next day is Saturday so everyone can sleep off candy or booze fueled hangovers. Whether you mark the day or not, we […]

25 Sep

To Do List for the Weekend of 9/26

Are you ready for the weekend? Why did I even ask that? Tonight is the weekly bluegrass night at The Argonaut. Hollertown will perform on the upstairs stage from 8pm to 11pm. Friday night at the Atlas singer-songwriter Laura Tsaggaris  will perform and record what will become an album called Live at the Atlas. The […]

18 Sep

To Do List for the Weekend of 9/19

Busy weekend ahead, so let’s get this started. Tonight at the Hill Center’s Talk of the Hill series will be the upcoming elections. Jennifer Duffy and David Wasserman of The Cook Political Report will discuss the House, Senate and gubernatorial races with host, journalist Bill Press. They may even discuss the 2016 presidential race. The discussion […]

12 Sep

To Do List for the Weekend of 9/13

Hey weekend, nice to see you again. Tonight is a Pay-What-You-Can preview of Taffety Punk Theatre Company’s The Devil in His Own Words at CHAW. Written and performed by Marcus Kyd, the show was their very first production ever and the company is remounting to celebrate its 10th anniversary. If you can’t make it tonight it […]