01 Oct 2015


Another Theft Caught on Camera

UPDATE: Thanks to a combination of social media and quick action and coordination between Kingsman Academy PCS and Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen, the students have been identified and MPD is working on the case.   A 14th Street NE neighbor uploaded a video from their porch surveillance camera, where you can clearly see a young person taking […]

31 Aug 2015

Capitol Hill:

Stay Vigilant: A Cautionary Tale

Although the increase in violence –so well documented here, there,  and elsewhere– is what is on our minds as a community, I wanted to share a cautionary theft story that happened some time ago to one of our readers. After a busy afternoon, these Capitol Hill neighbors were emptying their car and tending to their family. The following […]

29 Jul 2015


Summertime Crime, Nighttime Action

Lately, it feels inescapable, more so than other years: everywhere you turn, there is a friend or acquaintance whose car windows were bashed in or who had a package stolen. Someone you know was mugged. Someone you know was stabbed randomly. Is crime really that much worse this summer than all others? Well, yes, and no. According […]

14 Jan 2015


Stay Vigilant: Residents Share Recent Bad Experiences

Although Capitol Hill is easily the best neighborhood in the whole city (and yes, we are completely biased), it’s important to remember that we live in a city, and crime happens. While I will leave the task of elucidating why crime is so much higher in cities to experts in political economy and law, as […]

02 Jul 2014

A Cautionary Tale and Public Safety Reminder

Last night I stopped by the gas station at 9th and Pennsylvania Avenue, SE around 8:30 to get gas on my way home. As I pulled in I locked my doors, which I generally do after seeing so many news stories about thieves stealing purses and other valuables from the passenger side of a car while […]

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