04 Oct 2015

Real Estate:

Capitol Hill Open Houses for 10/4/15

When I moved to the Hill in the early 90s, I lived on the tree-lined, quiet and super-neighborly 500 block of 10th St SE … and now, you can too!  Albeit in much grander style than my old 1-BR rental apartment ever was, which even back then was considered a bargain at $725/month. 529 10th […]

15 Sep 2015


Kicking off Autumn at Barracks Row Fall Festival 9/26

D.C’s street festivals all have their own unique feel, which is what makes them so great. One of my favorite things about Barracks Row’s Fall Festival is that it feels like such a neighborhood festival, with something for everyone who lives on the Hill. You can get a taste (literally) of what the Marines’ chefs and […]

14 Sep 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: Bridge and Garrison Streets

I have previously written of the changes made to the names of streets on Capitol Hill, in particular how both B Streets were renamed Constitution and Independence Avenue.  Today, I will look at a different sort of street name change. While the most important street on Capitol Hill in its early days was, without doubt, […]

23 Jul 2015


To Do: Weekend of July 23 – 26

The summer has hit that point where the weather is frequently oppressive and miserable we begin to long for the crispness of fall but yet the fear that we haven’t yet wrung the juice out of it sufficiently begins to creep into our hearts and forces us to get out and live already. Here are […]

02 Jul 2015

To Do:

To Do List for The Weekend of July 2nd – 5th

Holiday weekend happening so most of you are reading this as whilst speeding away from DC towards beachy bliss. (Watch the sharks!) For those of us staying put there may be a few distractions… Tonight learn a few new recipes for the season Summertime Entertaining Cooking with Chef Matt Finarelli at the Hill Center. You will […]

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