17 Feb 2017


SE Residents: Notice More Train Whistles?

I thought it was maybe just my imagination at first. But, as it turns out, yes, the whistles from trains going through the Virginia Avenue train tunnel are louder than they used to be. If you have also noticed it, here’s the answer. The good news is that it should be temporary (much like the National […]

15 Jun 2015

Things We Take For Granted:

Things We Take For Granted: Trains!

It’s not a secret that Capitol Hill is an excellent neighborhood to raise and entertain children. The oft-repeated comment in my house is “what are we going to do today?” With the metro, a bike or regular wheels you’re within easy reach of tons of great ways to keep your young ones entertained, learning — […]

11 Feb 2013

Lost Capitol Hill: Storage at the Navy Yard.

Last week, we learned about the history of the rail lines at the Navy Yard, and how they were used to move goods in and out of that manufacturing facility. But the tracks were also used for something quite different: storage.

05 Nov 2012

Lost Capitol Hill: The First Street Tunnel

The Virginia Avenue is the railway tunnel currently getting all the press, but there’s actually a second, lesser-known, tunnel used by railways under Capitol Hill (and I don’t mean the little trains connected the Capitol with the congressional office buildings, either) No, it’s a tunnel that goes from Union Station south and west.

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