04 Nov 2019


Street Justice: : New Pick-Up/Drop-Off and a Weak Press Conference

Gordon Chaffin is a freelance journalist who focuses on infrastructure and traffic news and insights for Street Justice. You can support independent journalism by subscribing to Gordon’s newsletter. He’s offering a 20% discount to THIH readers.  –Maria Helena Carey What is “Traffic Calming?” Many of the transportation projects we cover in Street Justice involve something called Traffic Calming. What’s that? Well, it’s street design to slow motorists down. Why slow cars down? Vehicle speed is the […]

23 Oct 2015


1964 Days Later, a Stoplight at 10th & Maryland!

I tweeted about it on October 14 when the light wasn’t even fully functional: That’s how excited I was. The most beautiful thing today: traffic lights at 10th and Maryland NE!!!! — María Helena Carey (@TheMadameMeow) October 14, 2015 Here’s another photo –a panoramic– so you can really take it all in. Both were taken […]

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