04 Sep 2013

How to Lose Your Car in Two Days: A Cautionary Tale About DC Car Theft

I knew exactly where I parked it. I knew the doors were locked. And I knew everything inside was hidden or out of plain sight. But then there was the question I couldn’t answer — “Dude, where’s my car?” This is a cautionary tale, and really a story in stupidity. That’s because the night before […]

14 Mar 2012

Tonight: Community Meeting to Address Car Break-Ins and Robbery

If your block has been the target of car break-ins or thefts, it’s possible that an absent minded neighbor is partly to blame. “All it takes is one car with a GPS or some other device showing in sight to set-off a series of break-ins,” said 1st District Commander Daniel Hickson. It’s the easy “get” that […]

02 Dec 2011

Car break-ins put Hill East residents on guard

Car break-ins and theft are typical of big city life, but a recent spat of crime has some Hill East neighbors on guard. In recent weeks, neighbors on the Hill East listserv have reported several incidents of car burglary and theft. The reports hit close to home for this THIH writer and Hill East resident, […]

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