31 Jan 2013

The Capitol Building – Is it Time?

The US Capitol is in trouble. Well, quite a bit of trouble, but let’s talk about the dome for now. The nearly 10 million pound iron dome is almost 150 years old and hasn’t had a major restoration since 1959-60. The Washington Business Journal is reporting that bids for a multi-year, multi-million dollar project are […]

13 Oct 2010

Things We Take For Granted: The Capitol Dome

Well, duh.  I mean, it’s only the reason our neighborhood exists in its present form and why thousands if not millions of tourists a year come to DC.  Let’s face it though; unless you work in politics (and there are many of us who do not) or specialize in local interest walking tours (there are […]

12 Feb 2010

Dodd Lifts Sledding Ban for a Weekend

The lawn of the Capitol will be open for sledding this weekend, under a special waiver obtained by Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., according to his wife, Jackie Clegg, who shared the news with many happy parents of young tobogganers on Friday. According to Ms. Clegg,  Dodd and his office dealt with the office of the […]

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