26 Mar 2013

March Madness: The Argonaut Vs. The Queen Vic

Did you miss the original March Madness post? If so, go here and catch up! It is tough to extoll the virtues of two wonderful bars without dipping a toe into mushy, maudlin sentiment, or without pandering to your lunchtime hunger, but heck, someone has to do it, right? First up, The Queen Vic: although […]

06 Sep 2012

To Do

Two weeks of conventions are coming to an end and our wonkier neighbors will be back in town flush with that partisan-high. How best to distract them and ourselves from these swamp-like conditions? Tonight head to The Argonaut for a fundraiser for the Maslin Family. The beloved local tavern is donating 20 percent of all […]

04 Sep 2012

greenHILLhome – Restaurants (and You!) Can Compost

Our household has been composting for almost two years now, and I can attest that when we separate our organic food scraps, our kitchen waste decreases significantly. This year we fertilized our small vegetable garden with our first batch of homemade compost (and nothing else) and were astounded by the increased harvest in our tomato […]

22 Jun 2011

Things We Take for Granted: The Argonaut

Perhaps this post, much like Tim’s ode to being a part of Ward Six (still), should be really titled, “Things we violently and suddenly realized were being taken for granted, but which we will never, ever again take for granted because we are aware now of the error in our ways and are extremely grateful, […]

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