11 Aug 2010

Things We Take For Granted: Pete’s Diner and Carryout

Washington, DC is justly criticized for lacking the lunch places and corner delis of other major American cities. Blame it on the growth of the Federal Government (among about a zillion other reasons). As the gov’met grew, they tore down rows and rows of hash slinging dives, restaurants, chop suey palaces, and so on; in […]

10 Aug 2010

greenHILLhome: Green To-Go

“Ordering out” is a common occurrence in many households.  In our home we find ourselves phoning in an order at the end of a long week (especially during the school year) or Saturdays at lunch, though there are exceptions to those patterns.  As I reached for a helping of moo shu pork a week or […]

18 Feb 2010

Take Out Wars: Who Do You Call When You Are Hungry?

The District is a city filled with transplants and long-time residents, and the only thing we can agree on is that we don’t agree when it comes to the best place to call for take out. Being from the suburbs of Philly, my first choice for take out on a cold Friday night is my […]

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