08 May 2015


THIH Podcast: Where The Streetcar Started and Where it May Go, Part 1

Looks like the DC Streetcar is back for another round of testing! After going on daily runs during the fall of 2014 and part of winter, 2015, the DC Government took the cars off the streets while DDOT Director Leif Dormsjo ran a review. Once the green light was given, there was still no clear […]

20 Jan 2015

Arts & Entertainment:

Tonight: SOTU Fun

January 20, 2015: It’s a new moon at 0º of Aquarius: an auspicious date for beginnings, with the mystical energy of… …oh wait. Okay, sorry, wrong blog. It’s January 20 so today we peacefully assemble to watch the State of the Union Address, nerds! (Also known as That One Long Speech Thing That Ruins Tuesday […]

20 Feb 2014

Local Politics:

Tonight: Ward 6 Candidates’ Forum

You have may have read our posts on some of the Ward Six candidates– Democrats Charles Allen and Darrel Thompson, and independent Shelonda Tillman. Tonight you get a chance to hear from Allen and Thompson in person, as well as Libertarian candidate Pranav Badhwar, whose interview for THIH is upcoming, as they participate in a […]

19 Feb 2014

Local Politics:

Ward Six Councilmember Candidates: Darrel Thompson (UPDATED)

Darrel Thompson is an energetic man. When we met for a chat at Ebenezers Coffeehouse along with Aimee, his campaign manager, he greeted me with a vigorous handshake and launched into a humorous and emphatic invective against the terrible traffic flow on C Street NE. Thompson, former aide to Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), and current […]

06 Feb 2014

Local Politics:

Ward Six Councilmember Candidates: Charles Allen

This is our second post in a series of introductions to Ward 6 candidates. Keep checking The Hill is Home for more coverage of the 2014 election. Unless you are a newcomer to the Hill, you’ve heard Charles Allen’s name on a routine basis– sometimes even in the same breath as Tommy Wells, Ward Six’s […]

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