14 Mar 2012

Tonight: Community Meeting to Address Car Break-Ins and Robbery

If your block has been the target of car break-ins or thefts, it’s possible that an absent minded neighbor is partly to blame. “All it takes is one car with a GPS or some other device showing in sight to set-off a series of break-ins,” said 1st District Commander Daniel Hickson.┬áIt’s the easy “get” that […]

20 Jan 2012

While you were sleeping: Virginia car chase ends in Hill East neighborhood

Did the sound of helicopters hovering overhead affect you or your pet’s sleeping habits on Thursday night? According to a news report from WUSA Channel 9, the 1200 block of Potomac Avenue was the end scene of a Virginia car chase. The suspect was apprehended by Metropolitan Police after a barricade situation, which shutdown several […]

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