22 Feb 2012

Fun for your Humpday: What I do

Hello interwebbers! I’m back to bring you something completely time-killing and FUN, with that soup├žon of depth that helps to cope with the fact that none of us is working around this time of day. Today’s installment? Surely you’ve seen versions of this meme cropping up like crazy all over your Facebooks! Here are a […]

19 Jan 2012

Fun For Your Humpday, not on Humpday: Sh!t Hill People Say?

Hey there! Because I care for you and want you to be entertained, I have rounded up some of the funnier bits from that one great internet meme, Sh!t (insert group) say. As in, Sh!t Girls Say, etc. True, this particular meme may have jumped the shark, but you can decide which one is the […]

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