02 May 2011

In the Rearview – April on THIH and Beyond

Ah, April — that most unpredictable of months when it comes to weather, special elections, and DC special events.  Our house is an older row house, so the warmer weather brings not just flowers in our garden but a few many-legged insects that appear (literally) out of the woodwork, scaring the bejeezus out of me […]

21 Apr 2011

ANC 6B Releases Draft Recommendations on Hine; Wants Community Feedback

The latest proposed designs for the Hine School development are up for consideration in front of the Historic Preservation Review Board, and the ANC wants to hear from residents before determining their own recommendations for the project.  So here’s another chance for you to weigh in…

05 Apr 2011

Hine Development Questions? Restoration Society Hosts Eastbank Tonight

It’s difficult not to have knee jerk reactions to change. Especially big change, and when Hine Junior High at Eastern Market is torn down, the building that’s going up will indeed be big. It’s the source of much anxiety and concern for some residents, a much anticipated boost in the arm for commerce and density […]

03 Feb 2011

Hine Site Slims Down, Much Space Use Still Uncertain

At a well-attended meeting dense with Ward 6 ANC members, bloggers, city council members past and present, community activists and Hine site neighbors, the architect of the proposed development for Stanton-Eastbanc revealed some alterations to the original plan amid fascinating old, archived photos of the area,  and a super-sized discussion on transportation issues. So, as […]

02 Feb 2011

Tonight: Hine Jr. High School Redevelopment Project Meeting

Wondering what’s up with those grand plans to redevelop the Hine School?  Yes, they are still in the works but with a few changes…Come find out more tonight at 7pm at the Brent School, located at 301 North Carolina Avenue SE.  (Why are these meetings never held in the Hine School’s auditorium?) Stanton-EastBanc will give […]

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