07 Nov 2018


Hill’s Eye View: Equal Opportunity

We’re all equal, ya know? Even the aliens among us. Thanks @monikerdc for this photo that reminds of the gem that is Mr. Henry’s. Amidst the fancy spots on Capitol Hill, this tried-and-true watering hole has been serving up drinks and pub fare since 1966. Don’t forget about their live music lineup! Please tag your […]

19 Oct 2018


Hill’s Eye View: Slow Down and ponder the sidewalk

Have you ever heard of walking meditation? It doesn’t need to be scripted or particularly zen: It’s just an opportunity to really take in the world around you. We could all likely benefit from slowing things down during this busy fall. Thanks for this adorable photo @twotailsdc and your buddy’s gentle reminder. Hill buds, please remember […]

12 Oct 2018


Hill’s Eye View: Apocalyptic CVS

Good grief, this photo makes the mundane stunning. Nice shot @monikerdc! There was a lot of rain last night (insert incredulous expression here) so we expect to see another fantastic photo with the #thehillishome tagged. Do you have a unique view on everyday life around us? Share them with us and you might see your […]

03 Oct 2018


Hill’s Eye View: Safety in Numbers

Our friend — and apparent doppelgänger in name and mommy-dom, @thehill_ishome — reminds of us about the good guys at the Capitol that keep us safe. Speaking of safety, make a note that Walk & Ride to School Day is coming up soon on October 10 so you’ll see more small fry than usual on our […]

26 Sep 2018


Hill’s Eye View: Get your gourds!

Trust me, I feel the same way, honey. It’s almost OCTOBER guys! Time to start thinking about ways to keep the damn squirrels off the pumpkins. What I won’t be doing: placing the “pumpkin in a blanket of pet hair.” Thanks for the reminder to Google this little factoid, @omgitslisab, and for sharing the shot of your […]

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