28 Sep 2015

Hill's Eye View:

The Lunar Eclipse

Hey everyone! Did you catch the awesome show last night? It was cloudy over Capitol Hill, although there were occasional breaks in the clouds that allowed little peaks of the moon. The disappearing moon was a very subtle shade of red, which I’ve seen looks a lot more vibrant in others’ captures. If you didn’t catch […]

12 Jan 2015

Hill's Eye View:

Burning Bright

                        The winter sunsets better well be fantastic, as they come far too early, especially at the end of these cold winter days. Well, tomorrow the sun will set at 5:06 p.m. We’ll get 9 hours and 39 minutes of daylight. Savor that extra minute!

05 Jan 2015

Hill's Eye View:

Hill’s Eye View: Bird’s Eye View

  There’s a cold week ahead for our feathered friends. It’s hard to believe there are small buds on the trees but there they are. Come Friday we may all be pining for spring.

09 Dec 2014

Hill's Eye View:

Hill’s Eye View: A Different Take

  It’s not quite the view I love, but man, the Capitol Dome Restoration Project and it’s miles of scaffolding are impressive. Some numbers about said scaffolding to ponder, courtesy of the Architect of the Capitol: 1.1 million lbs. weight of scaffold 75,000+ pieces of equipment 52 miles of scaffold pipe 2 miles of decking, enough to build a sidewalk 5 […]

14 Oct 2014


Hill’s Eye View: Blood Moon

Halloween is inching a bit closer each day, marked by bats and spiderwebs hanging from porches and skeletons hanging from trees. The Blood Moon last week certainly cast a foreboding light over the Capitol, or perhaps that was the looming elections? Thanks to Caroline Angelo for the great shot! Join our Flickr group and add […]

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