23 Jan 2019


Hill’s Eye View: Light up the night

  You light up the night, Hill Center and Little Pearl with your magical tiny lights!  We love ’em! Have you caught a lovely scene in our fair neighborhood on ‘film’? Share it with us and our MANY followers by tagging is #thehillishome on Instagram. Do it, do it, do it!  

21 Dec 2018


Hill’s Eye View: The Final Countdown!

  Christmas is coming and the Advent calendar tells us so. So do the twinkly lights the brighten the dark around the neighborhood and candy cane stickiness on every boy and girl. (Have you tried getting a candy cane off a gingerbread house? You do deserve to eat it, especially if the house is still […]

06 May 2014

Hill's Eye View: Taking in the View

  Recent days have been the kind you just have sit back and take it all in. Not much is prettier the springtime in DC. This duck appears to be enjoying the view on the Mall. Catch a bit of wildlife in our backyard and share it with us in the THIH Flickr group.

24 Mar 2014

Hill's Eye View: Always a Good View

Our neighbors down the street, no matter how ineffectual, do keep the house looking good. Share your pictures of our most monumental neighbors with the THIH flickr group.

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