16 Jan 2013

Hawk 'n' Dove, Opening Tomorrow

Some in our fair community would say that this is not a reopening. To quote resident curmudgeon Tim Krepp, this is “a Hawk ‘n’ Dove-themed bar.” Perhaps it’s not even that: the new Hawk ‘n’ Dove, brought to us all by Xavier Cervera of Senart’s, the Chesapeake Room, and many others, doesn’t have much left […]

30 Sep 2011

Hawk ‘n’ Dove, Capitol Hill's Neighborhood Bar, Closes Sunday

The Hawk ‘n’ Dove, home of Super Bowl XLV champions, after-hour politicos, 18+ dance parties, and most importantly, thirsty throngs of Capitol Hill residents, will close Sunday.  The soon-to-be defunct bar is 44-years old. Let’s be real. The Hawk was a downright dive, and for that, we loved it. Brunch was served the Wisconsin way: […]

07 Sep 2011

Hawk 'n' Dove plans released: more light, less minors

A change in ownership at the Hawk ‘n’ Dove also means several proposed design changes to one of Capitol Hill’s longest running bars. Last week, we bid farewell to the old Hawk ’n’ Dove, as news spread that Barracks Row restaurateur Xavier Cervera purchased  the bar from Stuart Long after 44 years of ownership. The […]

31 Aug 2011

Farewell Hawk 'n' Dove — Cervera to Expand Empire

It looks like Xavier Cervera’s taste for owning a chunk of Capitol Hill is expanding beyond Barracks Row and Eastern Market.  It was announced yesterday the Hawk ‘n’ Dove will close this fall, undergo some substantial renovations, and reopen next spring under Cervera’s ownership.  Yes, one of the oldest drinking holes on the Hill will […]

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