13 May 2015


Maria Calomiris, Greengrocer, Matriarch, Friend

Update: A memorial service for Maria Calomiris will take place Monday, May 18 2015 at Saint Sophia Cathedral, 2815 36th St NW, starting at 10:30 am. If you never had the pleasure of being helped by Maria Calomiris, the cheerful matriarch of Eastern Market produce stand Calomiris and Sons, I’m sorry. For those of us […]

02 Aug 2011

Remembering Kim, Beautifying the Neighborhood

Sometimes, life hands us nothing but sadness, sorrow, and unspeakable horror.  We wonder why little children starve to death in utter squalor; why there must be wars that seem to lose their meaning the longer they drag on; or why a vibrant and beloved member of the community and mother of two had to die […]

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