13 May 2014

Hill's Eye View: Pop! Pop! Pop!

  Wow! The gardens on the Hill are a sight to behold this time of year. Pinks, purples, yellow and chartreuse greet you as you walk down the street. Share the garden treasures you spot as you walk our neighborhood’s sidewalks with our Flickr group.

02 Aug 2011

Remembering Kim, Beautifying the Neighborhood

Sometimes, life hands us nothing but sadness, sorrow, and unspeakable horror.  We wonder why little children starve to death in utter squalor; why there must be wars that seem to lose their meaning the longer they drag on; or why a vibrant and beloved member of the community and mother of two had to die […]

27 Jul 2010

greenHILLhome: Attracting Wildlife

We recently planted some new shrubs and plants in our yard, and it was just last week I felt that we chose some of the right vegetation when my wife called me outside to see the butterfly that had landed on our butterfly bush for a short break.  While most folks on the Hill don’t […]

25 May 2010

More than a Hill o’ Beans: Peabody Creates Schoolyard Edible Garden

Capitol Hill school gardens have begun adding pepper patches to their primrose paths, real or imagined. Long the province of beautification and greening efforts, our Hill schoolyards may become more than visual treats with the vision provided by the Peabody Early Childhood Campus edible school yard, dedicated late last week in a school-wide  assembly. The […]

06 May 2010

Uncertain Times Ahead for the Virginia Avenue Community Garden

For almost six years, the Virginia Avenue Community Garden (VACG) has brought the neighbors and community south of the freeway together.  Back in 2004, the parcel bordered by I-295, L Street, SE and 9th Street, SE, was a neglected lot of land belonging to the DC Department of Parks and Recreation.  It attracted nothing but […]

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