16 Nov 2011

Things We Take for Granted: Not Just Chit Chat on Hill Listservs

First there were chickens, and now there are opossums. Canine-related disagreements will always rise to the occasion if a little passion and defensiveness is called for. Triscuits and Melba toast might one day give crackers a run for their money. The listservs of Capitol Hill thrive, in all their messy, mean, thoughtful, boisterous, inane and […]

15 Jan 2010

Clucking on the New HillEast Listserve

When did you last listen in on a conversation so odd that it was kind of like watching a train wreck? If you’re on the New HillEast listserv, it’s been since January 3rd, and you’ve learned more about chickens than you ever cared to know. Recently covered in the Washington Post, Caryn Ernst opened the […]

07 Sep 2009

Lost Capitol Hill: Chicken Coops

There has been a lot of interest in the trend  of keeping backyard chickens of late, with numerous articles on the subject appearing in papers around the country — and even here on the Hill. There are also websites and a trade  magazine devoted to the subject. For many people, it is a reminder of an earlier […]

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