29 Dec 2016

Things We Take For Granted:

Dear THIH: Is That The National Anthem or Am I Going Nuts?

Update, 1/03/17: ANC 6D commissioner Meredith Fascett tweeted us the following: “Washington Navy Yard just told ANC 6D that a tech refresh likely raised anthem volume. They’ve now readjusted it.” Thank you, Meredith! This solves our local mystery, but doesn’t totally address the city-wide hymn shenanigans. On Saturday December 24, most of us noticed it: Right at […]

03 May 2016

Things We Take For Granted:

The Marine Barracks and their Grand Traditions

The Marines know how to do things right. As a former military spouse (ex-Navy), I always looked forward to going into Marine Corps bases. From the moment you are greeted at the gate, their pride of appearance and the friendliness they convey, everything about the Marines somehow makes you feel good about them. It’s no […]

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