26 Dec 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The Anacostia Library

In researching the taverns of the Navy Yard neighborhood, I stumbled across something I really was not expecting: There once was a library to go along with all the other amenities in the area. Sadly, documentation of this is thin on the ground, but today we will look at the library and some of the men […]

26 Sep 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The Repairs and Death of the Library Tunnel

Last week, we looked at the design and building of a tunnel to move books from the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress over to the Capitol. Today, we’ll look at its completion and use – as well as repairs that were necessary not long after it opened. Unsurprisingly, the tunnel was of great […]

25 Apr 2016


First Look: East City Bookshop

Since the demise of Trover’s and the Barnes & Noble in Union Station, Capitol Hill has been bereft of new book stores for adults. Used book lovers still have Riverby, Capitol Hill Books, and the frequent sales at the Southeast and Northeast libraries. Fairy Godmother continues to serve the younger set. However, adults looking for the […]

02 Nov 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: T. Edward Clark and his Lumber Yard

Thomas Edward Clark was all of 18 years old when his father, William Clark, died– leaving his son in sole charge of the wood yard that he had opened in the Navy Yard neighborhood. It fell to the young man to continue the business and he jumped at the chance, publishing an elaborate ad in […]

11 Sep 2014

Under Your Nose: Little Libraries of Capitol Hill

Some of the things that make Capitol Hill a neighborhood so near and dear to our hearts are the places and things we don’t think twice about. Very often they deserve a second look or visit. I’m going to try to capture some of these local charmers as I come across them, or even as you suggest […]

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