Kate McFadden

Kate McFadden, a web professional “in transition,” got her first writing assignments “years ago” from the county weekly Powhatan Today — as hyperlocal as you get in central Virginia. After discovering the absence of a community blog on Capitol Hill, Kate decided it was time to turn her love of the ‘hood into a resume-enhancing and community-building activity, and TheHillisHome.com was born. As much time as Kate spends in the paint store at Frager’s, and at Port City Java, you’d think she was drawing a hyperlocal salary. You can contact Kate at kate.mcfadden[at]thehillishome.com.

Kate McFadden
10 Dec 2018

Building community:

Add this title to your resumé: Snow Hero

A favorite phrase of President George H.W. Bush has been floating around my head. The “thousand points of light” campaign had its critics, but it’s alive and contagious in this neighborhood. Here on the Hill there are folks who can volunteer a lot, others who volunteer a few times a year, some who make sizable […]

03 Dec 2018


National Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence at St. Marks, Wednesday

December is certainly the season of light– for many. Unfortunately, there are many among us who grieve the loss of loved ones amidst the merriment and joy. Sadly, more and more of the bereaved have lost family members and friends to gun violence. December 14 marks six years of the Newtown tradgedy. Let that sink in. More […]

28 Nov 2018


Hill’s Eye View: Get to know your neighbors

  Interspecies relationships are always worth a laugh and this pic @beastiesrus sent us doesn’t disappoint. Thanks for capturing a “get to know your neighbor” atypical moment and sharing it with us! Gentle readers, we love, love, love pet pics so please tag us with #thehillishome or send ’em directly our way at thehillishome@gmail.com.

28 Nov 2018


Santa’s On His Way…and he’s everywhere!

Three questions from Santa: Have you been naughty or nice? Have you planned your weekend? Do you (or the small fry in your household) believe? (If you have young ones in the house, you’ll need to get busy making excuses on how many Santa sightings are bound to overlap over the next few weeks. Keep […]

15 Nov 2018


Weekend Chore: Get your leaves ready for pickup

It’s raking time again. Rake, check! Gloves, check! Advil, check! Now that they’ve been drenched with icy rain, sidewalk leaves will be that much more fun to rake up, but rake we must! DC Department of Public Works (DPW) recently sent out their yearly booklet about leaf collection schedule. We’re a little late on getting […]

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