Kate McFadden

Kate McFadden, a web professional “in transition,” got her first writing assignments “years ago” from the county weekly Powhatan Today — as hyperlocal as you get in central Virginia. After discovering the absence of a community blog on Capitol Hill, Kate decided it was time to turn her love of the ‘hood into a resume-enhancing and community-building activity, and TheHillisHome.com was born. As much time as Kate spends in the paint store at Frager’s, and at Port City Java, you’d think she was drawing a hyperlocal salary. You can contact Kate at kate.mcfadden[at]thehillishome.com.

Kate McFadden
20 Feb 2019


Hill’s Eye View: Let it snow…not slush

This blue and white facade, so crisp and sharp, looks especially cheery with the snowflakes alighting every surface. @rydongrams thanks for sharing such a picturesque shot, reminding us of how lovely the snow was to wake up to. Now, back to the slush.

14 Feb 2019

To Do:

The To Do List: February 14-17

Hello lovely readers! Did you wake up to an enormous cellophane heart? Have you scoped out all the caramels? Maybe squirreled them away? Ok, that’s me. I hope you too have had a love-filled morning! And I hope you have more self restraint than I do. Jen is away this week so I’m giving the […]

13 Feb 2019


Hill’s Eye View: Perfect Symmetry

If only everything was so orderly, eh? Life is messy indeed, but a morning trip to Eastern Market — not a weekend morning mind you! — might be just the thing to motivate a lazy cook. Can’t you smell a hearty bolognese sauce simmering on the stove top? Thanks for this stomach-rousing shot @twangles! It […]

09 Feb 2019


Hill’s Eye View: Black and White

Sometimes — ok, infrequently — things really are black and white. Joselito reminds us how polished and striking that contrast can be.  Do you have a special lens through which you see our neighborhood? Perchance your photos can remind us how we are bigger when we come together? PLEASE share them with us by tagging […]

30 Jan 2019


Hill’s Eye View: Love you more

  Can you believe it’s practically February? The swaths of pink at CVS tell me so. I love this pic as a reminder of everyday declarations of love. I can’t tell you the last photo of the Capitol that made me feel this way. Not that I approve carving in trees! It’s a great shot […]

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