Interested in advertising on The Hill is Home? We offer a number of options that can work for you!

Banner and Sidebar Ads

Ads on our site are $80-$150/week, depending on their size and location. With more than 40,000 pageviews a month, as well as 20,000+ social media subscribers (and growing!), this will help your brand reach a large audience that lives in or is highly interested in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  

This is local-targeted marketing at its finest!

Sponsored Posts

Another advertising option is to purchase a sponsored post for $150. This is a great option when you want to say more than can be said in a smaller sidebar ad. For an additional $150, increase the reach of your post by having it posted to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts


Marketing Kit


Get Updates From Us

Are you a Capitol Hill business who would like to get updates from us when we are working on holiday posts, special events, etc? Sign up for our Capitol Hill Business Mailing List to receive updates about how to work with us as a business.

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