06 Nov 2020


When you step up to run for local office, we all win

The following is an opinion by Jordan Hibbs, candidate to ANC 6E04. A heartfelt appreciation to all of you who stepped up and ran in local elections –win or lose. Your dedication to your neighbors is truly the backbone of our democracy. Thank you. –Maria Helena Carey

Jordan Hibbs. Photo courtesy of the candidate.

As votes continue to be counted locally and around the country, I am filled with many emotions upon reflecting on this campaign cycle. For my local Advisory Neighborhood Commission race, the voting results are not what we had hoped for; however, I am so honored to be supported by hundreds of my neighbors, family, and friends. During this unusual year, like many campaigns, we communicated with our neighbors using socially distant platforms including calls, emails, and postcards. As I talked with my neighbors, many expressed their satisfaction with the constituent services they were receiving from the ANC. For those who would listen, I shared a vision of leveraging our local ANC influence for advocacy for progressive policies and needs of our community – and I learned that many believed in that vision.

I moved into ANC 6E04 in February 2020. If you would have told me that just nine months later, hundreds of my neighbors would have believed in my vision for a more progressive community, donated and volunteered on our campaign, and voted to support that vision, I would have never believed it.

As many of you know, I was prompted to run for ANC Commissioner after being gassed and assaulted by our government at Lafayette Square in June while protesting the racial injustice in our country. In the weeks following, I was disheartened to see our ANC was not only not addressing the issue, but rather allowing ANC meetings to be used as a platform for lobbying by the Metropolitan Police Department, who wished to disparage non-violent protesters and peddle a false narrative around reform. I also saw the
voices of some of the most privileged individuals in our community being elevated by the ANC, while the least privileged were being left out of the conversation altogether. Dealing with COVID-19 and the resulting economic fallout in addition to this disparity, I knew I needed to act locally to support my friends, family, and neighbors.

With so many issues still facing our communities such as unemployment, homelessness, public safety, mental wellness, and racial disparities, I can promise that I will continue to work locally to bring the changes we need in our communities. As one of the most progressive cities in the country, our government and policies should reflect the values and needs of our people. I am truly inspired by the many candidates for ANC and city council races –some who won, others who lost– who have the energy and passion to improve DC. At the end of the day, we all benefit from individuals stepping up to run in our local elections. We have so much work to do and I believe we can get there if we work together, speak up for what is right, and continue to hold our elected officials to account.

Through the ups and downs of this election, I am so grateful to have learned many lessons in leadership and civility. I am filled with so much joy for all of the support of my family, friends, and neighbors during this local election. To all of you, I say thank you, give you a big socially distant hug, and I’ll see you all around as we work to build a better community for all.

With respect and hope,
Jordan Hibbs
Ward 6 Resident
2020 Candidate for ANC Commissioner

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