18 Feb 2015


#SnowDay on the Hill: Photos and Cautionary Tales

Hey everyone! How did it go on your #SnowDay? Did you get to pad around in your jammies until noon, drink your weight in hot cocoa and get kicked off Capitol Hill for sledding in a menacing way? Yeah, us either. But some of you guys did, and you shared your photos with us, AND […]

12 Jan 2015

Hill's Eye View:

Burning Bright

                        The winter sunsets better well be fantastic, as they come far too early, especially at the end of these cold winter days. Well, tomorrow the sun will set at 5:06 p.m. We’ll get 9 hours and 39 minutes of daylight. Savor that extra minute!

05 Nov 2013

Hill's Eye View: Full of Life but Fading Fast

Someone said to me lately that Autumn is so depressing because it’s all about death. I suppose that is true in many ways, but I prefer to think about it as a transition time. Seen anything else that captures the transition of the neighborhood into Winter? Share it with the Flickr group here.

09 Jan 2013

Hill's Eye View: Where Are You, Old Man Winter?

While the rest of the week will feel like the sunny days of April, there’s still skating to be had at Canal Park. The only ice around here this week will be under your feet. Share your summer-like winter photos with us on the THIH Flickr group.

03 Nov 2010

greenHILLhome: Winterize

Colder temperatures are upon us, and it will just get colder (well, until sometime in 2011).  Many of us spend time turning off exterior water supplies and covering patio furniture, but how many people take a few hours to winterize their homes each fall?  Spending some time sealing cracks and topping off (or replacing) insulation […]

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