06 Jun 2012

17th Street Speedway, Gets a Slowdown

Drivers consider this your warning: slow down, or a speed ticket will be arriving in the mail. Starting on Thursday, Hill East’s 17th Street corridor, a one-way street running south from Benning Road, NE to Barney Circle, SE, will be the site of a new mobile speed camera. The Metropolitan Police Department announced that they […]

03 Aug 2011

Improvements Coming Under the Highway

In discussions about the possible liquor license moratorium, a lot of folks talked about the lack of parking along Barracks Row, and how underutilized the parking lot under the highway at 8th and I Streets is.  It’s dark and feels unsafe for many; and for others, it’s just forgotten.  And it seems as though most visitors […]

30 Jun 2011

H Street Construction "Substantially Complete"

This morning Mayor Gray, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells and local business leaders, Anwar Saleem of H Street Main Street and Julia Christian of CHAMPS joined forces to celebrate the substantial completion of the H Street Northeast  Streetscape reconstruction. Substantial completion refers to all street and sidewalk surfaces being complete; no traffic lanes being blocked […]

23 Mar 2011

National Marathon Announces New Route

On Tuesday, National Marathon organizers finalized the route for Saturday’s race with some changes.  From what we understand, Homeland Security requested re-routing that has resulted in new pathways more consistent with what the race has used the three previous years.  The final race course has been updated on the National Marathon’s website. Initially, the race […]

16 Sep 2010

Capitol Hill Crossings Get Schooled in Reform, Too

After reading last week’s column on Things We Take For Granted on Walking to School, some people spoke out on their concern for pedestrian safety between stopping and smelling the roses.  With more and more small children, many of whom cannot be seen readily from behind the hoods of autos and many of whom are […]

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