25 Jun

Things We Will Sorely Miss: JDLand Signs Off

When I began thinking about starting The Hill is Home, I found myself poring over the content-rich, super-thoughtful and well-researched local blogging trove JDLand. Its creator, Jacqueline Dupree, recently let readers know she was retiring the blog for the foreseeable future to help care for her aging mother. The gift she’s given us, in the […]

13 Dec

Things We Take for Granted: The Covered Dish

Growing up in the South, I have witnessed the covered dish in all its forms: church social, holiday picnic, family reunion, and sick friend. It was the answer to all ills and the basis of any reason to gather. Yet, until recently, I never quite appreciated its ability to nourish the spirit. This summer, I […]

22 Jun

Things We Try Not to Take for Granted: Businesses in Hill East

So I’ve been corrected here about the boundaries of my neighborhood of Hill East, but when I think of it in commercial terms, I really think of 10th Street, SE as the western boundary, with the DC Jail and Congressional Cemetery as the eastern edge. A number of successful businesses have made the neighborhood home […]

30 Dec

Things We Take for Granted: The Hill is Home

As we chill the champagne, it’s only natural to ponder the triumphs of the past year and the hopes for 2012. Who can believe it’s really 2012? Me, for one. As a newbie and a renter in 1994, and then a home-owner and dog-owner to now a parent, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed living in Capitol Hill. […]

09 Nov

Things We Take for Granted: Coffee Options

I am a two-cup-a-day guy.  I enjoy my morning brew before starting my day, and I find I need a cup after lunch to both push through the early afternoon hours and to provide a diversion from my computer screen at work.  (There are days that a third cup is needed, but for a much […]