05 Jun

Frager's, One Year Later

Some events galvanize a community. While it would be great if these events could be happy or uplifting, the truth is that we seem to be most alive and come together best when we are in the midst of a disaster, or when one of us is badly hurt. “I try not to think about […]

11 Sep

9/11, As Remembered By Our Writers

A day that changed life as we know it is not easily forgettable. Here at The Hill is Home, we wanted to mark the 12th anniversary of 9/11 with memories from our writers. We would also love it if you shared your own in the comments. Sharee Lawler: My husband and I celebrated our one-year […]

19 Apr

Your Votes are In: THE PUG is Your Favorite Capitol Hill Bar!

And then there was one favorite, beloved, and spirit-filled bar left. And this bar had tons of supporters who rallied to crown it. And this bar had a good beer and cocktail selection, and even a controversial little punch at some point in recent time. And it was all good. Congratulations to THE PUG for […]

14 Feb

Get The Hill is Home Delivered to Your Inbox

There are a lot of ways to get updates from The Hill is Home: bookmark the site and check in every day; add us to your RSS feed; or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  Now we are offering one more way to keep up with the happenings around the neighborhood: email! Starting this […]

28 Dec

The Hill is Home Favorite Posts of 2012

Ready or not, here comes 2013. Before we close the blogroll on another year, we asked our writers here at The Hill is Home a simple question: What was your favorite post of 2012? Easy enough, right? Wrong. We quickly found that it’s hard to choose just one story from the archives. But, after mulling […]