13 Jan 2015


Have a School Auction Coming Up? Tell us!

It’s almost auction season for schools around the Hill. Auctions are a great way to party with current and future parents, as well as a chance to get great items. Most Hill businesses donate all manner of great goodies, so it pays to attend one of these many soirees. Watch this space for information, tickets, […]

05 Jun 2014

TODAY: Boundary/Feeder Pattern Meeting at SWS at Goding

Today, Thursday, June 5, from 5:30-7 pm at School-Within-School at Goding (920 F St NE) there is an important meeting for parents on the Hill. SWS at Goding will host Deputy Mayor Abby Smith, as well as hold a discussion regarding Boundary and Feeder patterns. This discussion will focus on the future of SWS as children move toward […]

02 May 2014


Don’t Miss: J. O. Wilson’s Flea Market Fair!

There are many perfect ways to spend a Saturday morning and afternoon. J. O. Wilson Elementary has a great permutation for your consideration: on Saturday, May 3rd, from 10 am to 4 pm, come to J. O. Wilson Elementary school, 660 K Street NE for a day of fun. (Should it rain, the fair will […]

04 Apr 2014

Tomorrow is the First Chance To See DCPS School Boundary Proposals

Did you still hear the grief and trauma of parents on the Hill reeling from the results of the DC Public School Lottery this Monday? Local “it-girl/boy”  neighborhood schools (those who’s first slots to go to in-boundary families) including Peabody Primary, Maury Elementary, and Brent Elementary are said to only to have accepted half 9 […]

05 Mar 2014

Opinion: Middle Schools on the Hill

By guest author Joe Weedon Elementary schools across Capitol Hill are booming. Enrollment is up, test scores are improving. Our neighborhood’s success in supporting our neighborhood elementary schools has even entered into the Mayoral debate.  Councilmember Wells regularly states that, “every elementary school in Ward 6 has a waiting list” and that “I know we […]