05 Feb 2014

Dining with your Tiny Tot on the Hill

“Kid friendly” dining has taken on a whole new meaning since I recently became a mom. I used to think it meant a couple of basic things — does the restaurant have a kids menu? And are high chairs provided? But I’ve quickly learned that bringing your baby or child out to eat, especially if they aren’t yet walking, is about a lot more than […]

31 Jan 2014

At Cava, A Love for Wine

I was recently invited to a dinner at Cava Mezze with some local bloggers to sample the restaurant’s new cocktails and some of the highlights on the menu. Aside from being treated to tastings of their fabulous food — an a few really good cocktails — we got a glimpse into what goes into choosing […]

30 Jan 2014

First Bite: Nando's Peri-Peri at Capital Riverfront

Family-friendly dining options are always welcome in and around the Hill, especially ones that allow you some flexibility of choice, and are able to keep kids busy while mom and dad enjoy dinner. With so much going on in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood these days, it’s great to know we have even more eateries to choose […]

28 Jan 2014

Hill Buzz

DCist reported that the man arrested for stealing a dog in Kingman Park has been connected to several other burglaries. NPR weighed in on the gentrification of H Street NE. The Washington Post and ANC 6B Commissioner Kirsten Oldenburg shared updates from this past weekend’s meeting between residents and Rep Norton regarding the CSX project. Capital […]

11 Dec 2013

First Bites: Off-The-Beaten Path Finds

Our neighborhood is filled with dining surprises both big and small, but sometimes it’s easy to miss the little guys, especially given the breakneck pace of restaurant openings recently. Case-in-point, in my last month of eating, I stumbled across a half-smoke sausage where the toppings take center stage; a fresh-pressed, juice that comes straight to […]