13 Oct


Lost Capitol Hill: Library of Congress Open House

I admit, this is pretty much the opposite of ‘lost.’ In fact, if you want to see the Library of Congress, particularly the main reading room, today’s your chance. So, to marginally justify the title, I will leave here a couple of pictures from their open house in February 2011.

22 Sep

Lost Capitol Hill: John Collet

Four weeks ago, I led a tour through the Navy Yard neighborhood, a tour in which I attempted to recreate what it looked like 200 years earlier, just before the British came through. One of the stops was the old brewery that had been built in an abandoned sugar refinery. I noticed at the time […]

08 Sep

Lost Capitol Hill: The Show Grounds at 15th and Florida

When looking for subjects to write about, I try to stay within the bounds of greater Capitol Hill, which are generally accepted to end at Florida Avenue on the north side. But occasionally, there is something close by that I really want to write about – so I’ll stretch the rules ever so slightly. So, […]

28 Jul

Lost Capitol Hill: Lt. Col. Franklin Wharton's Wharf

When researching various parts of the Hill, the most interesting part is when some intriguing character becomes involved in the story. Often, they make for better stories than the actual landmark under scrutiny. This certainly goes for Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Wharton, who is far more interesting than the wharf that he owned briefly around the […]

19 May

Lost Capitol Hill: A Tour of Congressional Cemetery

It’s almost 11:00 on Sunday night, which means that my column for tomorrow should be showing signs of completion by now. Or, at least, some research. Or maybe even a topic. Sadly, none of the above is true right now. It’s been a busy weekend. So, instead, I will tell you about something which will […]