23 May 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: Sabotage at the Navy Yard

In the early days of the Civil War, the fear of sabotage and secessionist spies ran high at the Washington Navy Yard. After all, with even the commandant opting to throw in his lot with the South, it stood to reason that any number of others would stay and attempt to undermine the war effort as […]

16 May 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: Julius Egloff and His Restaurant

A friend of a friend recently mentioned that an ancestor of his had run a restaurant on Capitol Hill. He was wondering where, exactly, it had been. A little research later, I am able to answer that question in probably far more detail than he ever expected –or wanted. Julius Egloff was born in Switzerland […]

09 May 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The USS Barry

It has come time to say goodbye to an old Capitol Hill resident: The DS Barry. Originally the USS Barry,  the ship was brought to the Washington Navy Yard in 1983 and had its prefix changed to Display Ship – DS. Built in Bath, Maine, she was the third ship destroyer named after Commodore John Barry […]

25 Apr 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: John L. Wirt

Last week, I looked at the tussle between Representatives Rathbun and White on the House floor. While the fracas itself was quickly resolved, and the combatants soon realized the error of their ways, there was a coda to the events of that day that had long-lasting repercussions. While Rathbun and White were going at it, […]

14 Apr 2016


To Do: Weekend of April 14th-17th

Hey Spring! Thanks for stopping by. Took you long enough… SO how to celebrate the extra days to turn in our taxes?? Tonight at 6pm learn to pair cocktails and bivalves at Union Market Rappahannock: Pearls & Potions. This week’s Test Kitchen event features the folks from Rappahannock Oyster Bar. Your $54 ticket includes a dozen […]

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