15 Aug 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The Boarding of a President

One of my favorite stories to tell about the White House is how the Presidents are moved out and in between the time that the outgoing resident leaves for the inauguration and the newly-inaugurated President arrives late that evening. It was not always thus, of course, and so, many years ago, Capitol Hill hosted a […]

01 Aug 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The Oven

It’s August in D.C., and thus everyone –including me– is on vacation. The Library of Congress website is down. It’s time for a rerun. This is one of the earliest columns that I wrote for The Hill is Home, and a subject I return to every time I give a tour of the Capitol. ________ […]

25 Jul 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: Armor tests at the Washington Navy Yard

I have previously written variously of new technologies that have been tested at the Washington Navy Yard over the years, from lights to radio. Unsurprisingly, there was also a great deal of interest in new ways of protecting and improving the ships that were being built there. One of the new technologies to be employed […]

18 Jul 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: Francesco Scala and Jack the Ripper

It is not often that my research on the history of Capitol Hill ends up leading to the possible identity of Jack the Ripper, so I will certainly milk this connection for all its worth. It starts with Francesco Maria Scala, the Italian-born leader of the Marine Band for many years. Scala was born about […]

08 Jul 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The National Capitol Brewing Co.

Today is a day off for most people, and thus time for another rerun (This rerun was meant to run on Monday, but didn’t because we were taking the day off too and oops! Sorry about that. –MHC). And, as it’s the 4th of July, the appropriate topic is beer. I am particularly pleased to […]

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