25 Feb 2019


Lost Capitol Hill: Mary Logan’s Hill

I have often written about guide books to Washington D.C., focusing on what they have to say about Capitol Hill. So when I found a thick volume entitled Thirty Years in Washington, I had to get it. Written by “Mrs. John A Logan” – actually Mary Simmerson Cunningham Logan [pictured] – the book is subtitled […]

07 Jan 2019


Lost Capitol Hill: VH-3Ds on the Hill

Last week, I ended my piece on aircraft at the Capitol with the stern admonition not to try this yourself. Today, I will add a –very small– caveat to that statement: Go ahead and do it if you are a pilot with the Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1) and have been asked to do so […]

31 Dec 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Autogyros at the Capitol

Over the last weeks we looked at a number of planes who landed or took off more or less successfully at the Capitol. Today, we will branch out a little by looking at a slightly different way of flying. Autogyros were the Next Big Thing for a number of years after being invented in the […]

08 Oct 2018


Lost Capitol Hill: Christ Church, Redux

As per my usual habit, today’s piece is a rerun. Christ Church, located today 620 G Street, SE, was built in 1807 and consecrated in 1809, is the oldest church in Washington DC. It was not, however, the first building used by this congregation. That honor goes to a small wooden structure located nearby. Christ […]

27 Sep 2018


To Do: Weekend of September 27th -30th

Fall has officially arrived! No matter whatever the temperature actually is, there will be pumpkins and hay bales everywhere until we decide to hang the mistletoe. How shall we autumn this weekend? Tonight, journalist Bill Press who is frequently seen at the Hill Center interviewing big shots will be the star of the show as […]

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