25 Jan 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: False Accusations

Michael Shiner is one of the more fascinating characters from the history of Capitol Hill. Born a slave in Maryland, he was brought to Washington and put to work at the Navy Yard. He managed to emancipate himself, and was a long-time resident of Capitol Hill. Most importantly, however, he wrote a diary that gives […]

21 Jan 2016


To Do List for the Weekend of January 21st – 24th

So I’m going to write this pretending that everything will not be canceled and we are not all going to┬ábe hunkered down in jammies eating all the comfort food. Tonight or Snowmas Eve as I’m calling it, should proceed according to plans so perhaps you can squeeze in some fun while you are rampaging through […]

11 Jan 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The Washington Light Guards

Last week, we looked at one of the militia companies that were formed in D.C. after the election of Abraham Lincoln made Washington’s location precarious. Today, we look at another of the companies, this one composed mainly of Navy Yard employees. On January 9, 1861, a meeting was held at the East Washington Library Association, […]

04 Jan 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: Company C of the Union Regiment

I have been looking at the role of the Washington Navy Yard during the Civil War of late, and particularly at the days after Lincoln’s election but before his inauguration, when D.C.’s situation looked precarious at best. In this fraught time, militias sprang up across the city, and the Navy Yard was especially looked to […]

28 Dec 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: The Inverted Nathanael

In this quiet week between Christmas and the New Year, I have decided to repost one of my favorite stories from the past year, in which I looked into the story wherein the Nathanael Greene statue in Stanton Park had fallen off its pedestal once, long ago. It is one of those stories that sound […]

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