28 Sep 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: The USS Pensacola

One of the largest ships in the US Navy during the Civil War was finished at the Washington Navy Yard. After having built various parts of the USS Pensacola in navy yards in states that had seceded, it was fortunate that the final work was done at the Yard: that way, the US Navy could keep it. […]

21 Sep 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: Navy Yard Hill

When researching the early history of Capitol Hill and the Navy Yard –particularly the neighborhood surrounding the Yard–, I discovered that there was one name being used that I was unfamiliar with: Navy Yard Hill. Today, I will look at this usage. In the early years of Washington D.C., there were clearly two neighborhoods on what […]

14 Sep 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: Bridge and Garrison Streets

I have previously written of the changes made to the names of streets on Capitol Hill, in particular how both B Streets were renamed Constitution and Independence Avenue.  Today, I will look at a different sort of street name change. While the most important street on Capitol Hill in its early days was, without doubt, […]

07 Sep 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: A Widow’s Gold Bracelet

Paging through old newspapers, you often come across classified ads that would not have been out of place in the Agony Column of the London Times, which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had his creation, Sherlock Holmes, describe as “a chorus of groans, cries, and bleatings! A rag-bag of singular happening! But surely the most valuable […]

27 Jul 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: The Tesuque Pueblos Visit the Navy Yard

Last week, I wrote about the visit of President Fillmore to the Navy Yard, and how he had the opportunity to watch the hull of the ill-fated Water Witch be battered by cannon fire. Continuing my research on this poor vessel, I discovered that such a spectacle was hardly reserved just for Presidential visits, but […]

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