26 Dec 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The Anacostia Library

In researching the taverns of the Navy Yard neighborhood, I stumbled across something I really was not expecting: There once was a library to go along with all the other amenities in the area. Sadly, documentation of this is thin on the ground, but today we will look at the library and some of the men […]

19 Dec 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The Taverns of the Navy Yard

Taverns had an important function in the 18th Century, not just as a place to eat  and drink, but where one could collect one’s mail or have a stolen coat returned. A reporter working under the name “Correspondent at Washington” wrote that they were a place to “drink Toddy, and play cards” in an article in The […]

28 Nov 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: Robert Fulton at the Washington Navy Yard

While researching Samuel Colt’s experiments with mines at the Washington Navy Yard, I came across the statement that “Robert Fulton conducted research and testing on his clockwork torpedo during the War of 1812.” Since numerous sources use this exact wording, it probably comes directly from the Navy. Obviously, this is exactly the sort of historical event […]

29 Sep 2016

To Do:

To Do: Weekend of September 29th – October 2nd

I have no idea how October got here so quickly. I am actually wondering if I slept through part of September in a modified Rip Van Winkle. Since life is rapidly flying by let’s carpe diem this weekend big time. Tonight, learn to brew your own kombucha with local fermenters Craft Kombucha in the Union […]

26 Sep 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The Repairs and Death of the Library Tunnel

Last week, we looked at the design and building of a tunnel to move books from the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress over to the Capitol. Today, we’ll look at its completion and use – as well as repairs that were necessary not long after it opened. Unsurprisingly, the tunnel was of great […]

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