27 Jul 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: The Tesuque Pueblos Visit the Navy Yard

Last week, I wrote about the visit of President Fillmore to the Navy Yard, and how he had the opportunity to watch the hull of the ill-fated Water Witch be battered by cannon fire. Continuing my research on this poor vessel, I discovered that such a spectacle was hardly reserved just for Presidential visits, but […]

13 Jul 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: The Water Witch

Today we continue with our series on interesting ships from the Navy Yard. This time, the ship was actually built here – and sunk here, though that’s a story for another week. After the (dubious) success of the Germ, plans were made to build a number of ships using Hunter’s wheel. The first indication of […]

25 May 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: The Original East Front of the Capitol

I recently had a conversation with some fellow tour guides about the changes to the Capitol in the 1950s. I was going to send them a link to this, but could not find it on our web site. So here’s either a rerun, or a first run, article. The United States Capitol has been a […]

27 Apr 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: Thomas Jefferson’s Dry-Docks

I have begun the research for a book on the history of the Washington Navy Yard and its neighborhood in earnest. As always, I have come across some piece of arcana which, while not being a great turning point in history (especially as the thing in question was never built) does give some insight into […]

20 Apr 2015


Lost Capitol Hill: Benjamin Drummond

I had the honor of leading a tour of Capitol Hill yesterday, focusing on the African American experience during the Civil War here. It gave me the opportunity to research a lot of different people and places that I previously had only known a little about. Today, I want to look at the man whose […]

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