19 Dec 2014


Holiday Gift Guide Round Up

It’s less than a week until Christmas and you still need a gift for your in-laws.  Face it, anything you order online at this point won’t make it on time, so skip the digital shopping cart and pick up a fun gift from a local business.  Then there are the last minute trifles: a little something for work colleagues, a […]

20 Dec 2012

Hill Gift Guide: The Outdoors Edition

Whether you run laps around Lincoln Park or bike from the Capitol to the Atlas District and everywhere in between, Capitol Hill is the perfect place to live if you love to be outdoors (expending energy). And, while we may never have an REI, we do have a few shopping options if you are buying […]

05 Dec 2012

Hill Gift Guide: For the Kid at Heart

Youth is a wonderful thing.  What a crime to waste it on children.  ~George Bernard Shaw Perhaps one of the best advertisements for having children (and not that I am getting on that particular soapbox, mind you), and one which gets very little publicity, is that you have a perfect alibi for buying toys and […]

22 Dec 2010

Hill Gift Guide: Pets!

The first Christmas Ramona and I spent together, I bought her one of those huge bags of various styles of rawhide which she promptly ripped open, piled up and then passed out on top of. She was so happy and content to spend Christmas day asleep on her mountain of rawhide. These days, the pooch […]

21 Dec 2010

Hill Gift Guide: For the Drinker

We all know someone (or are someone) who prefers to drink their calories than eat them. Not only are they a regular at watering holes across the Hill, but their home bar is better stocked than several of those bars. Well, you don’t have to leave the neighborhood to get me them a present this […]

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