21 Nov 2013

To Do

One more weekend before Holiday season is officially upon us. Shall we fast? Juice? Meditate? Some sort of pre-party cleansing feels appropriate. But if that’s not your thing, then try this: Tonight, get an idea behind what makes you red or blue, left or right, elephant or donkey. The Hill Center hosts a lecture by […]

15 Jul 2013

Last Chance for Summer (Pt. 2)

It seems like it was just yesterday we were planning our Memorial Day barbecue, and now here we are sending out a Save the Date for the Labor Day backyard party.  There are just a few more weeks to take advantage of summer, so savor every opportunity.   Last week, I gave you a few […]

09 Jul 2013

greenHILLhome: Bulk Solar Purchase Meeting 7/16

The abundance of sun in DC is most notable in the summer, as we swelter in heat and humidity.  Channeling that sunlight into energy is clean, quiet, and seemingly endless, but where to start?  Capitol Hill has the highest concentration of homes powered by solar energy in the District.  For many residents, though, the up-front […]

05 Jul 2013

To Do

Are your ears still ringing from your local fireworks celebration?  Did you take the day off because it just didn’t make sense to interrupt the weekend momentum initiated yesterday? Lucky you. Well the how shall you spend this rest of this weekend? Tonight keep the feel-good holiday-vibe at the Rock and Roll Hotel. The reggae-roots band […]

01 Jul 2013

Mark Your Calendar: Upcoming Community Meetings on Future of Eastern Market Plaza

Remember way back in 2009 when the neighborhood was presented with three design options for a “Capitol Hill Town Square”? The designs all sought to redesign the Eastern Market Metro Plaza, making it a more welcoming and functional center to that section of our neighborhood. Two out of the three designs included plans to re-route […]