10 Oct 2013

To Do

The gloomy rain and the shutdown are a deathly combo that have me fantasizing about days spent in bed snuggled up with an all day Jane Austenathon or perhaps a full on Simpsons retrospective.  If you are able to hold it together and leave the house this weekend here are a few ideas. Tonight riot […]

10 Oct 2013

Halloween Happenings at Congressional Cemetery

I bought my Halloween candy weeks ago, thereby declaring myself as in the Halloween spirit for a while now, but if you’re in need of motivation Congressional Cemetery has some upcoming events that are sure to get you in a spooky mood (or at least scare you out of your mind, hanging out in a […]

09 Oct 2013

Annoucing The Hill is Home 3rd Annual, Halloween Pet Photo Contest

Did you know? Americans plan to spend about $330 million this year on Halloween costumes for their pets. Well, we here at The Hill is Home would like to take credit for a piece of that pie. You see, this is the third year that we are hosting our Halloween pet photo contest. It’s a […]

27 Sep 2013

Prepare for the Zombie Invasion!

This is a bike-loving city, so it stands to reason that our zombies don’t need to drag their rotting limbs on the ground when they can hop into the bike lane instead. On Wednesday, October 9th, the monthly DC Bike Party ride will transform into The Riding Dead.  Biking zombies will meet in the middle […]

06 Nov 2012

Special Election: Halloween Pet Costume Contest

By this point, the candy binge should have worn off, so don’t forget to vote in our Halloween pet photo contest. And, since it’s Election Day, why not exercise your democratic right one more time? This year there were 25 entrants, but only one can be top dog (or cat). The winner of the Readers’ […]

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