30 Mar 2015


#BarMadness15: The Enthusiastic Eight!

Yep: the Enthusiastic Eight, everyone! Drink them in. The hardest part of this stage was coming up with something that could alliterate/assonate? well with the letter E, so it was decided that Enthusiastic would do nicely. Because, my goodness! You are all very enthusiastic about your favorites, and we could not be happier. All of […]

26 Mar 2015

To Do:

To Do List for the Weekend of March 26 – 29

Gloomy chill aside, it’s spring! Let’s get to acting like it. Tonight start the weekend with Hitchcock, Peck and Bergman with Spellbound. This is the final in a film series which has focused on the use of psychology in the films of both Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles. (I am SO bummed I missed Touch of Evil.) Following […]

25 Mar 2015

Sponsored Post:

Get Campy Under the Canopy — April 23

When all of us at Casey Trees were thinking of the best way to toast both Arbor Day and the individuals who work tirelessly to re-tree D.C., we instantly thought, “Let’s throw a party!” And that’s exactly what we’re doing on Thursday, April 23! In less than five weeks, our biggest bash of the year […]

23 Mar 2015


BAR MADNESS: The Thirsty Thirty-Two!

In the prior post, I unveiled the winners of the last round. You’ve been patient and waited breathlessly for me to churn out sixteen polls (correctly). Your patience is now rewarded: behold what I am officially and very cornily calling the Thirsty Thirty-Two, because there is no alliteration editor to stop me. This next round […]

23 Mar 2015


BAR MADNESS: And then there were 32!

It was bloody, merciless, and swift: the first round of BAR MADNESS saw so many favorites bite the dust, it isn’t even funny. (This would be a key difference between BAR MADNESS and March Madness, because seeing a #1 seed lose to a #16 seed is usually hilarious.) Here are your current standings. A few […]