04 Apr 2014

Tomorrow is the First Chance To See DCPS School Boundary Proposals

Did you still hear the grief and trauma of parents on the Hill reeling from the results of the DC Public School Lottery this Monday? Local “it-girl/boy”  neighborhood schools (those who’s first slots to go to in-boundary families) including Peabody Primary, Maury Elementary, and Brent Elementary are said to only to have accepted half 9 […]

12 Feb 2014

Ward 6 School Boundary Review Meetings Scheduled

Maybe you’ve seen it before — an open house ad that reads: “in-bounds for Brent,” or the like. Real estate relates directly to school placement on Capitol Hill. Many neighbors have purchased homes with the expectation that their kids will attend the school around the corner, usually (though not all the time) it’s the “in-bound” school. […]

20 Dec 2013

Two Rivers Middle School teacher Named DC's Teacher of the Year

Bill Day, or Mr. Bill as his students know him, was name DC’s Teacher of the year today. Mayor Vincent Gray surprised him during an all-school assembly at Two Rivers Public Charter School this morning and presented him with a $5000 check.  Day has been teaching middle school math at the Northeast school for three […]

31 Oct 2012

Puppets March on Washington, and Lincoln Park

When I hear about the millions the District spends on police presence at all of the marches and political rallies held in our dear city, I get a little crazy. That said, I’m fully behind the Million Puppet March that starts at 10 a.m. from Lincoln Park on Saturday. Actually, I’m really envious of the […]

14 Jun 2012

The Garden: Raising Funds and Raising Sexual Awareness

If things go according to plan, this summer Jessica VonDyke will open The Garden, a sexuality resource center and toy shop, on Capitol Hill. If you are thinking The Garden is just another clichéd store featuring gifts perfect for bachelor parties and your uptight best friend’s 30th birthday party, think again. When it opens, The […]