07 Jan 2013

greenHILLhome: Christmas tree collection reminder

Some people get sad when they de-Christmas their house, but for me it signals the start of a new year.  Plus, removing the Christmas tree from the living room gives us back much needed living and walking space and makes the house feel bigger, so there’s a sense of return to normalcy in that regard. […]

29 Dec 2011

greenHILLhome: Christmas Tree Recycling

No one really likes taking down the Christmas decorations when the holiday passes.  It’s not quite as exciting as putting them up and getting ready for a visit from Santa or holiday meals with family and friends, unless you’re one of a select group that really enjoys sweeping up pine needles.  It’s a necessary evil of […]

31 Dec 2010

greenHILLhome – Christmas Tree Collections

Having a real Christmas tree is a tradition in my family, and when my wife and I got married we decided to keep that tradition going in our home.  The fresh cut at the trunk helps the tree take in more water from the stand, but that starts to slow and pretty soon the tree […]

24 Nov 2010

Where to Find It: Christmas Trees on the Hill

It’s that time of year!  Put down your oven mitts and drop that turkey because Christmas trees are arriving on Capitol Hill.  I know in our community we have people following various traditions about when to put a tree up in their homes, but the trees are arriving early this year and we are fortunate […]

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