12 May 2014

Lost Capitol Hill: The First Eastern Branch Bridge

I recently wrote about the Wheeler Ferry and its importance in getting people across the Anacostia in the days before the federal government moved to Washington. I also mentioned the bridge that replaced it, but not its eventual demise – or the role it played during the burning of Washington 200 years ago.

09 Aug 2013

Help Clean Up the Navy Yard Riverfront on August 17th

If you’ve ever been to the waterfront of the Navy Yard-Ballpark neighborhood, you’ve hopefully seen the amazing Diamond Teague Park, Yards Park, and Navy Yard Riverwalk trail that span the northern edge of the Anacostia River. Unfortunately, this area is also home to large amounts of washed-up and washed-in trash and debris, which many people […]

21 Jun 2012

Boat Clubs and Kwame Brown's Bullet Proof Anchored to Anacostia's Boathouse Row

Capitol Hill is no stranger to political corruption. Usually, a Washington scandal unfolds at a famous hotel, in a smoky bar or behind the gates of a private residence. But, for one of Washington’s most recent examples, you’ll need to head down to the riverbanks of the Anacostia, alongside the 11th Street Bridge, to the […]

26 Mar 2012

Go With the Flow and Learn to Row

This spring, why not enjoy the unseasonably warm weather? Go with the flow — of the Anacostia River that is. Capitol Hill is close to some well-worn walking, jogging and biking paths, but for a more unique cardio routine, you may want to head to the Anacostia Boathouse and give crew a try. The Capital Rowing […]

02 Mar 2012

Dan Snyder Giveaway Coming to Reservation 13?

Here we go again. Let’s plop some giant unworkable scheme down in Reservation 13. This morning, Washington awoke to a front page article in the Post entitled, “D.C. opens new drive to lure Redskins back.” So we’ve got to do this all over again. Let’s see how many ways this is a monumentally dumb idea: […]